Heart of Snow - fanlisting collective


This site serves as my fanlisting collective where I display the listings I own and join. A fanlisting is a site that gathers a list of fans of a particular subject. They are a type of fansites created simply for fun and with no purpose other than growing the list itself.

For more info about fanlistings in general, go to The FanListings Network which is the "headquarters" for fanlistings.


I came across fanlistings about the same time as I made my first real website, around 2001-2002. A lot of people had fanlisting link buttons up on their sites, and since I thought it was a fun idea I started joining them too.

Only a short time after I joined the Afghan hounds fanlisting the owner closed it, and since that's my #1 favourite dog breed I couldn't resist applying for it. I was approved and +10 years later I still run it!!
I started applying to other subjects, and in March 2005 I started my first collective CyanSunrise.com. It closed in October 2009 when I changed domains and all my fanlistings moved here, to HeartOfSnow.net.

Fanlistings has proved to be a great hobby that allows me to make lots of websites and layouts for my favourite subjects. :)

The name

This site is named after the song Min Älskling Har Ett Hjärta Av Snö (My Darling Has A Heart Of Snow) by the Swedish singer/songwriter Lars Winnerbäck.

I also happen to have an almost unnatural affection for snow and ice and cold weather. Winter is coming, and I'm here for it!

About me

My name is Karin and I live in a small town in northern Sweden. I share a house out in the countryside with my husband and our pets. I love drawing and making pixel art, mucking about on the internet, animals of all shapes and sizes, horror movies and fantasy books, and heavy metal music.

If you want to know more about me I suggest you visit my blog and personal site ImaginaryKarin.com.