Heart of Snow - fanlisting collective

Hello you!

My name is Karin and you've stumbled upon my fanlisting collective. This is the home of the fanlistings I own and maintain myself, and this is where I list the ones I join.

I currently own 21 and am a member of 347.
This site is also affiliated with 11 other fanlisting collectives.

Take a look around and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or questions!

What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is a site that gathers a list of fans of a particular subject, such as a movie, musician, animal, or even things like a colour or a feeling. They are a type of fansites created simply for fun and with no purpose other than growing the list itself.

Joining a fanlisting is free and comes with no special perks, it ONLY means adding your name to the list. Many people also enjoy collecting link buttons from the fanlistings they've joined and displaying them on their own websites as a way of showcasing their interests.

For more information visit TheFanlistings.org.