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 10 Things I Hate About You:  A Song of Ice and Fire series:  Accents: British:  Accents: Scottish:  Aerosmith:  Aidan turner:  Alan Lee:  Alice Cooper:  Alone time:  America's Next Top Model:  American Horror Story:  Animals:  Aries:  Arthurian legends:  Autumn:  Avatar:  Beer:  Before Sunrise | Before Sunset:  Benedict cumberbatch:  Benicio Del Toro:  Berries:  Birch trees:  Bisexuality:  Blind Guardian:  Blogging:  Blueberries:  Bob's Burgers:  Bon Jovi:  Books:  Bookstores:  Brienne of Tarth:  Brienne of Tarth:  Brokeback Mountain:  Bruce Springsteen:  BtVS; Rupert Giles:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  Candles:  Captain Jack Sparrow:  Care Bears:  Castlevania series:  Catherine Zeta-Jones:  Cats: long-haired:  Cats: Norwegian Forestcats:  Cheesecake:  Cher:  Cherries:  Chocolate:  Christopher Lee:  Cloudberries:  Cold weather:  Colour: Turquoise:  Corn Snakes:  Countrysides:  Crosswords:  Cyanide and Happiness:  Dame Judi Dench:  Dame Maggie Smith:  Dangly earrings:  David Bowie:  David Eddings:  David Krumholtz:  Davos Seaworth:  Derek:  Diane Keaton:  Discworld series:  Disturbed:  Doctor Who:  Dog lovers:  Dogs: Afghan Hounds:  Dogs: Borzois:  Dogs: Chow chows:  Dogs: Greyhounds:  Dogs: Huskies:  Dogs: Salukis:  Dogs: Shar-peis:  Dogs: Whippets:  Domains:  Donnie "The Bear Jew" Donowitz:  Dr Pepper:  Easter:  Edgar Allan Poe:  Edguy:  Elephants:  Emma Watson:  England: London:  Epica:  Equines:  Ewan McGregor:  Fairy tales:  Fanlisting collectives:  Fanlistings:  Fantasy movies:  Felicia Day:  Fir trees:  First Wives Club:  Forests:  Fraggle Rock:  French Fries:  Frost:  Game of Thrones:  Gameboy Advanced SP:  Genres: fantasy:  Gilmore Girls:  Gilmore Girls; Stars Hollow:  Ginger Snaps series:  Giraffes:  Girl, Interrupted:  Glitter:  Granny Esmeralda Weatherwax:  Green Day:  Green Parties (worldwide):  Guardians of the Galaxy:  Guns n' Roses:  Halloween decorations & displays:  Harry Potter : Hogwarts:  Harry Potter series:  Harry Potter series:  Heath Ledger:  Helena Bonham Carter:  Hematite:  Heroes:  History:  History:  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - all characters:  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series:  Hobbits:  Horror movies:  How I Met Your Mother:  Hugh Grant:  Hyenas:  I Can Has Cheezburger?:  Iceland:  Illustration:  Inglorious Basterds:  Interview With the Vampire:  J.K. Rowling:  J.R.R. Tolkien:  Jack O' Lanterns:  Jackie Chan:  James May:  Jamie Lee Curtis:  Jamie Oliver:  Jane Austen:  Jason Statham:  Jennifer Aniston:  Jennifer Lawrence:  Jericho:  Jigsaw puzzles:  Joan Jett:  Johnny Depp:  Jon Bon Jovi:  Julia Roberts:  Jurassic Park series:  Kate Bush:  Keeping up appearances:  Keira Knightley:  Kirby:  Kristen Bell:  Labyrinth:  Lady Gaga:  Languages & linguistics:  Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword:  Legolas Greenleaf:  Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels:  Loner and anti-social:  Lord of The Rings, series:  LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring:  LOTR: The Return of the King:  LOTR: The Two Towers:  Love actually:  Luigi:  Luigi's Mansion:  MacGyver:  Magic:  Mahjong:  Manatees:  Mario Kart series:  Men with long hair:  Metal:  Metal bands:  Mickey Mouse:  Midnight in Paris:  Mika:  Milkshakes:  Millennium:  Millennium series:  Modern Family:  My Little Pony:  My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:  Neil Gaiman:  Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere:  Nemi:  Neopets:  Nerds:  Neville Longbottom:  Nick Cave:  Night:  Nikola Tesla:  No Doubt:  Norse mythology:  Notting Hill:  Nymphadora Tonks:  October Project:  Office Space:  Open-mindedness:  Orange Is The New Black:  Owls:  Ozzy Osbourne:  P!nk:  Paganism:  Pan's Labyrinth:  Pansexuality:  Paranormal/supernatural:  Paul Bettany:  Peanut Butter:  Pens:  Peregin "Pippin" Took:  Perfume:  Photoshop:  Pingu:  Pirates of the Caribbean, the series:  Pixel art:  Poets of the Fall:  Pro-choice:  Pulp Fiction:  Queen:  Rain:  Ralph Fiennes:  Rats:  Ravenclaw:  Redheads & red hair:  Remus "Moony" Lupin:  Rivendell:  Rock:  Ron Weasley:  Rubber ducks:  Salmiac:  Salvador Dali:  Samwise Gamgee:  Sandra Bullock:  Sarah Michelle Gellar:  Sherlock:  Shoes:  Silver:  Simon Pegg:  Sir Ian McKellen:  Sketching:  Slytherin House:  Snakes:  Snatch:  Snow:  Snowflakes:  Sonata Arctica:  South Park:  Spiders; tarantulas:  Spotify:  Star Wars series:  Stars:  Stephen King:  Super Mario Bros (series):  Super Mario Bros.:  Supernatural:  Supernatural : Dean Winchester:  Supernatural: Dean's 1967 Chevrolet Impala:  Sweden:  Swords:  Tenacious D:  Terry Pratchett:  TFL.org Message Board:  The 1980s:  The 1990's:  The Big Bang Theory:  The Boondock Saints:  The Handmaid's Tale:  The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien:  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey:  The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five armies:  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug:  The Killers:  The Legend of Zelda series:  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:  The Lion King:  The Lord of the Rings Online:  The Lord of The Rings series:  The Moon:  The Shire:  The Silmarillion:  The Tudors:  The Vampire Diaries:  The Vampire Diaries : Damon Salvatore:  The Walking Dead:  TheOneRing.net:  Tom & Jerry:  Top Gear:  Tori Amos:  Tumblr:  Tyrion Lannister:  Underworld series:  Unicorns:  Van Helsing:  Viggo Mortensen:  Vikings:  Watches:  Werewolf Movies:  Werewolves:  Whip It:  White Fang by Jack London:  Wildflowers:  Witchcraft:  Wolves:  Wolves: Arctic/White:  Wolves: Black:  Wolves: Grey:  X-men series:  xkcd:  Zeddicus "Zedd" Zu'l Zorander : Legend of the Seeker:

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